About Troglo Village Origine

Troglo Village Origine is a modern, small-scale, innovative and ecologic new housing estate project at a terrific location in the Corrèze department of the French Campagne, at the Périgold and Limousin border.
It is a so-called building plot, which means that the plots are ready for building, including access, digging and utilities. The plots are large or even very large, and this guarantees peace and privacy. The area is slightly sloping and this makes it attractive to build modern grass roof houses and explains the name Troglo (from the ancient Greek τρώγλη - cave).

This causes major advantages for energy savings and comfort, and also contributes to environmentally friendly and green living.
There is a large extent of freedom when it comes to what you will (have) build. Big or small, one or two floors, grass roof or traditional roof, simple or luxurious, a house with a studio, or a studio with a house, a loft or a lot of rooms, completely finished or as a shell, ergo; you decide everything, and you decide who will design or build your house.